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How Do We Get Started

Just contact us.  Whether your question is simple or complex, the most important thing you can do is to start a discussion.  It is only through our discussions that one can begin to understand the full extent of the options and possibilities available to help you achieve your goals.

We begin the process with a simple conversation to help us understand your needs.  This dialogue is the basis on which our relationship begins.   Whether it’s a simple question, a special project request, or the need for a comprehensive financial plan, together we will outline and agree upon a plan to meet your objectives.

Our Financial Life Planning Process is the disciplined and methodical approach we utilize to facilitate meeting our client’s objectives.  Based upon our discussion, we will incorporate some or all of the following steps as necessary:

  1.  Engagement Agreement - written agreement outlining purpose of engagement
  2.  Gather Information and Set Goals - information gathered and goals discussed and prioritized
  3.  Analyze and Strategize - various options researched to achieve goals
  4.  Develop Plan - recommendation(s) prepared and presented
  5.  Implement Plan - implementation upon client approval
  6.  Monitor and Review - ongoing monitoring and review process with client

Our job is to educate and communicate with our clients throughout the entire process.  Our goal is to help our clients understand and be more confident about their financial decisions and their legacy.

Life happens!  Are you and your heirs ready for it?  Let’s start the conversation…